International Conference
Tumour biomarkers: From discovery to clinical applications

The introduction of tumor biomarkers (TB) has revolutionized the clinical practice of oncology. TB are molecules that represent biological alterations produced directly by the tumor or by the body’s response to the tumor.The ideal biomarker for clinical use should have easy means of measurement, high accuracy for its intended outcome, and should provide improvement of decision-making.

The "Tumour biomarkers: From discovery to clinical applications" conference covers a wide range of apsects regarding the state-of-the-art in cancer biomarker research though 8 sessions:

Session 1: miRNAs as emerging cancer biomarkers

Session 2: Circulating tumor cells

Session 3: Translating molecular pathways into novel cancer biomarkers

Session 4: Novel technological advances in biomarker discovery

Session 5: Biological tumor markers of female reproductive organ malignancies

Session 6: The future of cancer biomarkers

Session 7: Novel approaches for urologic tumor biomarker discovery

Session 8: Novel biomarkers for leukemia and lymphoma